Offering services to Family office and External Asset Management through mainly utilizing the private banking platform. The wealth management specialist team will customize portfolio to suit each customers’ risk profile.



Offering optimal asset management advice using multiple private banking accounts

Led by an experienced relationship manager with over 25 years at Swiss and American Private Banks in Singapore, Switzerland and Hong Kong, we provide solutions on asset diversification, asset management with advice from external professionals, and portfolio customization to suit each client’s needs using multiple private banking accounts.

High Net Worth Specialization

Alithion Capital Management holds the Capital Market Service License regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and is independent from other financial institutions. We stand in the neutral position and at clients’ best interest when offering added value services to the high net worth individuals. We strive to meet clients’ needs through fully utilizing our connections. 


Difference in service and fee offerings amongst the financial institutions

The strength of each private banks differs and by being selective, we can minimize the cost which lead to better performance.

Low cost services offering/ Services realized at low cost

We have established the Umbrella Fund in Singapore to provide and manage customized funds for our clients. Under the Umbrella Fund, wholesale trading fees, lower financing fees for leverage are offered, and counterparty risk is mitigated through the multi-strategy.